Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Visioning® Allowing Room for Chaos

Let's say you've just moved into a big new house. It's twice the size of the space you are living. There are boxes all over. Some are neatly labeled, but no matter how carefully you packed, there are a few surprises when you unpack: the measuring cups are in with the laundry detergent, your library novel got tucked into the toiletry box. Depending on your daily responsibility's, it can take a while to get things put into their proper place. It takes time to get the feel of where the pictures should hang.

Woman Moving Into New Home And Unpacking Boxes

In the same way we need time to recreate ourselves when we move, we need to allow the same re-creation time when we are playing with our completed vision boards. Let's face it, when we first enter our new digs, chaos happens. When it comes to manifesting our desires we are literally moving our stuck energy out of our bodies and expanding into something new. While the process is definitely exciting, stretching our psychic limbs may not always feel so good. But remember, we got a taste of the chaotic energy in Visioning® Step 5 when we learned to make order out of our messy, juicy vision.

"When we encounter chaos in the creative process, everything feels topsy-turvy. We're the Hanged man card in the tarot deck, suspended by our feet. Our linear left brains are helpless when we face the mystery of creative chaos head-on. Of course artists understand this subterranean world where new life takes shape. So do pregnant women, gardeners, shamans, and all those who have dared to participate in birthing something new. Innovators and explorers who venture off the straight and narrow path, who shun the predictable, the acceptable, and the approved live in this zone. Creative chaos is it's name and change is its game.
The challenge is that change is difficult. It's so much easier to retreat into the safety of the known and the familiar. What may be the most difficult is learning to live with the possibilities that change presents. When we change we redefine ourselves." page 104, Visioning: Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams.

The Dreamer: Panel 3 of 5 part series

When I created my latest collage series, I didn't have any agenda other than to follow my heart and stand for my truth out in the world. Generally when I think of this type of creating, I think of high energy, go-go-going. It was enlightening for me to journal with The Dreamer, who felt "peacefully expansive" because "she can see ahead to where I'm going." The writing was filled with the acceptance that I am already living my dream. That's it, no forcing involved. This is good news, because lately due to my super busy schedule (I was secretly hoping The Dreamer was actually The Napper) the phrase on panel 4 feels intimidating.

Panel 4 of 5 part series

"Contributors: It's time to build the next great empire. May the gods be with you."

When I read the above phrase, my mind whirled. "The next great empire, why isn't going for another round of rewrites on my musical enough? Empire? I just want to memorize the song I wrote last September, in my room at the ranch...alone."

Giving myself time to be with The Dreamer gives me time to relax into my vision, which includes the imagery on panel 4, but I'm not there yet. It gives me time to let my truth take shape, since speaking my truth through writing IS my dream. Time gives me the freedom to sort through my old furniture and take a load of unnecessary approval-seeking and inner criticism to the garbage.

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