Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Surrender, Visionaries!

"Surrender, Dorothy!"

Being named Dorothy, I've heard that phrase so much that I actually say it to myself. But I don't mean the white flag type of surrender. That type means in spite of our best efforts, an obstacle is still blocking our path to the good life. I mean the spiritual kind. The giving-myself-over- to-a-Creative-Source kind. 

Corporate Guy waves the white flag of surrender

The Visioning(R) process has several elements of surrender. If you created your Vision board using the Steps outlined in Visioning:Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams, you surrendered your will to the power of your Creative Self while setting your intention, selecting the images, and again while sorting. In fact, the collage wasn't complete until you surrendered to the idea of the Inner Critic, and then let that voice have it's say.

Surrendering to your vision works the same way, except the obstacle is generally a belief system. That is, in order to live the "you" in your vision board, you have to let the old "you" fall away. Think of how leaves fall. They quietly lose their brilliance, then gently drop. Perhaps the tree is simply letting go.

Letting go comes in every style
to suit your present desire.

Here's how it works.

I didn't discover my new vision of being "a monetarily successful author," until I was settled into my new place last month. Week one had me picking up steam launching into the 1st draft of my new book. At the start of week two the landlord told me that renting her studio was not going to work after all. Did I mention that the working title of my new book is My Landlord, My Self?

Gratefully, I chose not to panic. One day for shock, one day for sad, one day to enlist a friend to tell my other friends what happened and the rest of the time to work, pack and hang out on Craigslist.

Woman working online

At this posting I have chosen to complete only two applications: the first is for a house-share in a fun, wine-tasting town and the other, a tiny, one-bedroom house in a rural area. Yesterday I rented a storage unit. 

My mind thinks it knows what is happening so it's racing around planning scenarios.

 My mind wants this whole thing to be over with, my stuff unpacked and me back at my writing desk.

Happily, I am not following my mind. I'm following my heart; so I have no idea where I'll live, but I do know it's time to relax and enjoy myself over the next couple of days. 
As manifesting Americans, we are taught that we are masters of our fate. But as we grow into true Visionaries, we discover that we aren't even masters of our own vision boards. That is our heart's role. 

Surrendering, letting go, allowing. What is your heart asking you to let go of today?

Learn about how Visioning Starts with the Heart on Lucia's website. After you read all about it, check out the 10 Steps of Visioning, buy the book or locate a Visioning(R) Coach in your area.

Blogger Dorothy Segovia is a certified Visioning(R) Coach and author of My Body, My Car: How to Coach Yourself Through Life's little Accidents. Click here to visit her website.