Thursday, December 13, 2012

Letting Go through Visioning(R)

This holiday, I'm giving myself the gift of letting go.

As I'm sorting through my paper files, I am not only releasing past financial documentation, but also projects that were never completed. These include short stories, poems, songs, brochures, fliers and even a marketing idea for a CD project.

I have always prided myself on my letting go quickly attitude, but apparently that applied to everything but non-dominant hand writing.

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As I sorted through the folders labeled 2004 NDH, 2005 NDH, etc., I was astounded that my inner guidance was often the same.

“Stay in my body.” “Take small, solid steps.” “Enjoy the moment.”

That's it, the basics.

Before moving forward, I took a giant step all the way back to “Cleaning Out the Closets of Your Mind” on page 85 of Visioning: Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams.

“In making your final selections, home in once again on your focus phrase. Repeat it, say it to yourself out loud. Remember, you are looking for the pictures and words that truly express your heart's desires and your focus.” - Lucia Capacchione

Previously, thinking of clearing storage seemed overwhelming. Each box yielded a plethora of memories, not to mention the inner critical voice if I came across a non-manifested project. Rather than focusing on where I am headed, I was worried about what I was leaving behind.

The sifting and sorting process hit home.

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Now my creative focus is "if it doesn't have to do with writing my future books, it doesn't make the cut."

While this doesn't necessarily make the process easy-peasy, it is a focused, simple approach to an often overwhelming project.

Here is my holiday wish for you,

Stay in your body.
Take small, solid steps.
Enjoy the moment.

Guest blogger Dorothy Segovia is a 2008 certified Visioning(R) Coach. She recently wrote a book based on the Creative Journal and Visioning(R) methods entitled My Body, My Car: How to Coach Yourself Through Life's little Accidents.