Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Visual Journaling (Part 3) with Lucia @ The Painted Lily

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Visual Journaling (Part 1) with Lucia @ The Painted Lily

Visioning in the New Year

I've been so busy living out my heart's desires that I haven't blogged for some months. My soul mate appeared in September 2009 (or shall I say re-appeared) finding me on Facebook. As with so many Visioning® stories I've heard from students and clients, this was a case of my heart's desire already being in my life but me not recognizing it. Well, as they say, timing is everything. To paraphrase an old dictum about teachers, When the partner is ready, the partner appears.

Of all the topics I have visioned over the years, a soul mate/partner relationship appears the most. There are far too many collages to show here. I will simply say that I focused on how I wanted to feel in a love partnership when selecting my photos and images. I illustrated this feeling state with photos of couples simply being together and also engaged in shared activities, of men who represented the kind of man I wanted to partner with and of settings which I wanted to share with a partner.

The key was focusing on the feeling state. After all, that is what any heart's desire is about. We want to capture a certain experience with its own feeling tone. It might be love, serenity, security, trust, peace, creativity, playfulness, etc. I focused on love. Love is all about mutual acceptance and that is probably the most important "feeling state" I have experienced in this partnership. Being able to be myself! And be accepted as I am. What a gift!

So if you are Visioning® your new year, focus on how you want to feel, what you want to experience. It doesn't matter what the specific content is: housing, career, relationships, health. Just concentrate and imagine what state you want to experience when your heart's desire becomes a reality.

Have fun creating your new year and the rest of your life!

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