Friday, April 8, 2011

Visioning® through Performance Anxiety

This Visioning® vignette was contributed by Nechama Perel Wachsman, a student in our Creative Journal Expressive Arts Certification Training.

My sister Rochelle and I recently performed in a piano recital. We'd been practicing for months, but of course we were both nervous as it drew closer! I suggested we do some Visioning® about how we want to feel during the performance and how we'd like it to come out. The first collage is mine. I depicted my desire to feel free expression in my playing and getting beyond my nerves to the real, beautiful part of me that wants to share my music. I put the collage on my piano and would practice while looking at it. The words "something beautiful is about to happen" kept jumping out at me, and I believed it.

After my performance, I felt much like the woman who is midair, jumping. Indeed something beautiful happened - I played with confidence and joy.

Rochelle depicted faces of many people feeling and confident, as well as the thrill of accomplishing a long worked-for goal. Indeed, her performance was beautiful, inspiring and true to herself.

What an amazing way to get in touch with our inner power, our abilities and true desires and to make them come alive! Thank you, Lucia.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Visioning(R) All in the Family

Claudia Hill Creative Journal Expressive Arts Facilitator & Certified Visioning® Coach. Claudia has used Visioning® with her family for the past 3 years. They get together on New Year’s to create their collages. Recently, she used Visioning® as an activity for her daughter Jenna’s baby shower, which Jenna then wrote about on her blog. “My Mom and sisters threw me a baby shower while I was home. All I have to say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! It was so great to see all my family and old friends!As guests arrived at the party, we did an activity where each person had to rip a picture/phrase out of a magazine that described a wish they had for me. We then went around the room and each person introduced and shared their wish. It was a really fun activity. Unfortunately, no one got to see the finished collage because I put it together later that week. So here it is!” Collage from the guests wishes: Jenna’s wish for her baby: "A happy family: The Mom and Dad swinging their child & 'Create Outer Order and Inner Calm:' I thought the flower represented that."

Great baby shower idea! Thank you Jenna and Claudia for the posts.

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