Friday, September 26, 2014

Visioning(R) and Intuition Road

Here's a typical detour on intuition road:

"I didn't end up walking around the grounds or into the national park as much as I planned. I could say the snow deterred me. But is seems as though I wanted to be deterred. I spent most of most of my time on that blue couch devouring self-help books about writing and creativity while my window pane frosted. I remember thinking, 'You're spending money to sit on a couch and read?' But reading seemed like the thing to do. 

Gradually I sank into the space, holed up in my womb of a cabin, in a blanket of quietness, protected by snow and thick beams of wood. I stopped fighting myself, pushing myself to walk or write or instantly settle down into my expectation of tranquility. I read and I cried and I stared at pine trees. It seemed like the thing to do.... Resting woman

That trip broke my spell of doubts and heaviness and the larger pattern I'd had in my life of being nice to myself only when I had succeeded at something." - Tama J. Kieves, This Time I Dance!

In this scenario we learn that life has it's way with us regardless of where we think we are headed. Tama paid for a retreat to hike and write. Instead she ended up snowed in, crying and nurturing herself. After her pricey retreat weekend, you know she felt cleansed.

Visioning(R) is yet another way our heart's guidance speaks. Let's face it, we're multi-tasking, multi-planning, goal-getting people and we need help listening. A vision collage lets our creative, intuitive voice whisper loud and clear. 

Blue jigsaw head with glowing light

"Intuition speaks to us in dreams mental images, symbols, feelings, extra sensory perception, and artistic expression. Actually, intuition is the prompting from our creative self, speaking through the voice of the creative conscience. Our innate intuitive wisdom points toward what is going to unfold in the future. Visionaries have reported that their collage were uncannily precise. After their dream came true, pictures and phrases that appeared irrational or impossible when they made their collage turned out to have great validity. Composing your Vision collage is a great technique for strengthening your intuition, an ability that we all have, but often disregard."-- Lucia Capacchione, Visioning: Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams.

If we take the time to Vision what we want in life, first...then listen with our eyes and hearts, instead of resisting action, we flow. Instead of getting wrapped up in our puny preferences, we open ourselves. Instead of pitching a fit because we can't hike outside, we hang out in a cabin and gain insights into how to take care of ourselves.

Intuition is made into a big ole something-something because when it comes down to actually following this voice, it doesn't seem all that sexy. That is, the action step is often what we've been avoiding in the first place! Call that person, now. Make that appointment, today. Did red flag number two just appear on the steps of your great new place? Better ask the tough questions before signing that lease.

I think of intuition as allowing ourselves to be led on a glorious journey. We may have to hang out in a couple of waiting rooms, but when we step off the plane in Shangri-la, hey, we're in Shangri-la!

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