Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Business of Visioning(R)

Lately I have felt as if I am living the manifestation of one of my past collage images. The image depicts an empty room with an expansive wood floor, a fireplace and a bank of windows. It wasn't until I set my new handwoven orange basket on the fireplace that I remembered the image. So I reviewed my collages until I found it. Turns out the orange color was in the overall warm tones of the picture. (Top image in collage below)

Vision Board 2004/2005

I know as a writer it is important to review the daily journaling I've done over the past few months. Doing so helps me know what is important to my life right now. It helps me decide if I want to continue in a particular direction or not. It tells me if there was a resolution to a problem, or if  I need to take an action step.

Reviewing my collages was an emotional journey through my Visioning(R) life. When I found the image I was looking for, it initially made me sad. I still had images of an office worker receiving recognition from her colleagues, yet that hasn't manifested in my own working life. This led to a review of inner child work 101:

Have I been giving myself the recognition I crave or am I still seeking approval from others?

On the other hand, reading the heading of my business card on that same collage made me smile. The business card phrase "move right through life's little obstacles" was the idea for the title of my book: My Body, My Car: How to Coach Your Self Through Life's little Accidents.

Here is what Lucia has to say about the business of Visioning(R).

We can talk about the magnetic power of one's heart's desire, about the nonlinear nature of the pathways of the heart, yet we must be prepared to use the left-brain process of putting one foot in front of the other. There's a place for the slow, decidedly un-magical side of life: filling out forms, scheduling the calendar, and keeping track of things in a personal day planner or computer database. If you can't handle the mundane, the chances of your dealing with the magic of creativity are going to be pretty slim. You may get your dream, but if you aren't grounded in the procedural part of things, you may not have a vessel to contain it. Before the master musician can surrender and let the creative self play its divine music through her, she has studied and practiced for years and years.

 -- Lucia Capacchione, page 152, Visioning: Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams.

Prior to becoming a certified Creative Journal Expressive Arts facilitator, I was a highly creative person, but I was a kite without a string. After graduating in 2004, I began my new  relationship with accounting. Step 1 before step 2. Don't analyze the process, trust the process.
Yes, the nine-to-five sometimes makes me crazy , but I am able to finance my creative projects.

So, if you find yourself stuck at the manifestation waiting station, maybe it's time to shake up your future dreams by visiting your Visioning(R) past.

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