Thursday, November 1, 2012

Visioning® Affirmations

One of my favorite ways to play with my Vision board is to create affirmations out of the non-dominant hand dialogues. This brings my dream deeper into my body and expands my energy towards what I want. Working with an affirmation paves the way to allowing my hearts desire. It is a daily feeling reminder that I am heading in the right direction.
“In addition, Visionaries are committed to taking all the steps necessary for giving birth to their creations. Their attitude is: whatever it takes. Like Disney and Fuller, they face doubts, fears, rejection, disappointment, delays and other obstacles that everyone faces in life. Yet, they hold true to the creative idea, knowing that sooner or later it will take form in the physical world. Some gestation periods are longer than others. One idea may take twenty years to hatch, another may take twenty days. The creative thought is the thing. Nurture it, charge it with energy and enthusiasm, and the world will be drawn to it as a magnet.” - from Visioning: Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams. Page 26.

"I live in a safe and sacred home in Ventura." 5.26.12

Here are the steps to creating a daily affirmation writing practice.

1. Choose a non-dominant hand conversation that resonates with you today.

Example: I am choosing the sea lions on the beach because that is my latest manifestation. Although the conversation was written in May, I can use the reminder.
DH: What do you have teach me about my safe, sacred home in Ventura?
NDH: Let your home open and call to your soul. You don't have to be struggling.

2. Create a short, single phrase to write and speak out loud from the NDH writing. In fact, use your NDH to create the affirmation so that you are coming from your heart, not your head.

My affirmation is: “I allow my home to open and call to my soul.”
This affirmation is in alignment with what I discovered during a transformational energy session with my coach, Leyla Atwill. We discerned that the most important work I can do is to locate my Higher Power within my body, and connect with it throughout my day. This is my true home, regardless of where I physically live.

3. Write the affirmation. I work with affirmations for about a month. The reason is that in the beginning, I allow the critical voice to have it's say immediately after writing the affirmation. I do not converse with the voice. I simply allow the energy to release, and continue to write the affirmation. Also, I use the first, second and third person in my writing.


I allow my home to open and call to my soul. Bullshit.
I allow my home to open and call to my soul. Yawn.
I allow my home to open and call to my soul. Whatever.

Dorothy, allow your home to open and call to your soul. Like, open sesame?
Dorothy, allow your home to open and call to your soul. What are you talking about?
Dorothy, allow your home to open and call to your soul. What? You are crazy!

Dorothy allows her home to open and call to her soul. Dorothy who?
Dorothy allows her home to open and call to her soul. Puhleeezzzz.
Dorothy allows her home to open and call to her soul. Shut up!

I have been using this affirmation style for about three months. It has opened up new pathways because I am able to discern and stop the habitual blocks that keep me from my dreams. I usually write the critical blurts for about a week, or until the critic energy dissipates.

Sometimes, if the affirmation is too long, or the idea too big of a leap, I have to change affirmations. I usually write each phrase ten times in the first person, ten times in the second person and ten times in the third person. For instance, because I not only want to move, but create new work, it was better for me to make a collage about my “Safe and sacred home in Ventura.” The assumption is that I have the right work. Trying to create a collage about right work in May was too big of a leap.

Also, depending on the blurt, I might come back and explore the idea, phrase or question with the critic. For instance, the blurt, “What are you talking about?” can be an excellent way to explore my beliefs about my interior home. After all, feeling safe and connected to my Self is the heart of all my desires.

To read the blog on my session with energy coach, Leyla Atwill, visit my blog Stepping Into the Dream Stream.

Guest blogger Dorothy Segovia, is a certified Visioning® Coach and author of  My Body, My Car: How to Coach Yourself Through Life's little Accidents, featuring an original music CD.