Monday, February 23, 2015

10 Minute Visioning Yields Big Results

One of the best things about being part of the Visioning(R) community is that all of the graduates keep in touch by group emails. Lucia recently shared that when she wanted to journal while away from her house, all she had was a magazine and pen. So she wrote directly in the magazine. After she journaled, she realized that the images that were on page reflected exactly how she was feeling.

I decided to give the technique a try.

I spent Sunday morning being out of sorts. Although I was productive, I still didn't feel good and couldn't make a decision about what I wanted to do. So I wrote out a practical shopping list for the local hardware store and headed out for the day. I ended up noshing on breakfast for lunch at Starbucks. While I was there I was inspired to text a coworker to meet me ­at Famous Footwear. I had 20 minutes before they arrived. This journal exercise took less than 10.

First, I used my intuition and chose the magazine I wanted to use before leaving the house. Then, I focused on what I needed to know and quickly flipped through the magazine pages while at Starbucks. Something about the image of an actor tugging at her hair caught my attention. Since I know the actors name, I simply addressed her with my Dominant Hand and let the non-dominant hand respond.

DH: Dear Kate, what do you have to say to me?
NDH: I am able to focus on one thing at a time if I want to feel good. Try it. You'll like it.
DH: If I go to Ulta, I'll focus on Kerasilk. At Famous Footwear, I'll focus on shoes! Thanks for your truth. I appreciate you.

This was exactly what I needed to hear.

While I  have been very productive, lately I haven't been having much fun. I've also felt scattered and isolated. I don't have many connections in this new town, so texting co-worker Elisabeth (who brought her two daughters) was exactly  what I needed. While shopping, I focused on the kids, and only skimmed the racks. Although they only stayed for a short time, their visit gave me energy. After they left, I continued shopping in the spirit of fun. While I did end up with several items on my list, fun connection is what I actually wanted.

This morning I tried it again. I selected a magazine based on intuition, not my left-brain. Then I turned the pages quickly, skimming until I found an image that grabbed me. I held a  general question of "show me what I need today," which is Monday. The first thing I noticed was an article that answered a different question, which I pulled out to read later, and continued turning pages.

I journaled with my dominant hand, asking the first question.

DH: Hey kids, what do you have to say to me today?
NDH: We are your fun reminders. Both of us like to play, after all! Take us with you. We are your fun strength. Focus on feeling good.
DH: What map are you looking at?
NDH: The fastest path to fun. It's not a straight line! It's a breath, each in the present moment. We love presents!
DH: I do too. Thank you so much! I love your wisdom.

These answers spoke volumes. 

I did smile a lot more during work while I kept the over-serious accounting Self focused on the books. 
I felt drama-free, yet productive.

Tomorrow, for even more fun, I'll remember to bring my iPod.

blog by Dorothy Segovia, certified Visioning(R) coach and author of My Body, My Car: How to Coach Yourself Through Life's little Accidents.

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Saturday, January 10, 2015

It was a Very Good Year: Lucia's 2014 Surprises

As I prepare to create Visioning® for 2015, I am struck by how everything on my 2014 Visioning Board (a 4-part collage) came true. What really struck me were the surprises, so I want to share those with you. In the "grab what grabs you" phase of shopping through magazines, I often have something specific in mind. Other times, I follow my intuition and select images because I want more of what I think they represent in my life. But sometimes, life throws a whole new meaning at me as the image unfolds into reality over time. 

Lucia's 4-part Vision Board 2014

A cluster of flowers blooming in the upper right hand section signified that I wanted more cut flowers around the house and was looking forward to my iris garden due to bloom in the spring.What I didn't know was that I'd take up water color painting again, after a long hiatus (inspired by seeing a Georgia O'Keeffe exhibit) and that I'd be painting mostly flowers (mixed bouquets as well as iris from my own garden). What a joy that has been! 

Other surprises had to do with Health and Balance. A woman is meditating and beneath her another woman is floating in a pool. The words Balancing Act...LIFE...well, well, well... WATER (Don't) think tank appear next to these images. While creating the collage I was thinking: "I need to meditate more to balance a lot of left-brain work I've been doing". (I am a long-time meditater.) I thought the meditating woman meant I'd be doing more sitting meditation. 

Unbeknownst to me at the time, 
the answer to "meditate more" was in the floating figure. I was already using a physical therapy current pool at my local gym on a regular basis, so the woman in the pool illustrated a conscious choice to continue pool exercise. What I didn't realize was that my exercise in the pool (which I have all to myself) has become some of the best meditation I can remember. After I've done my exercise routine for physical strengthening and flexibility, I allow my body to move in any way it wishes. Through this spontaneous dance in warm water, I often enter a trance state of "no thought" which has become a wonderful form of meditation for me.   

Another surprising outcome grew from the image of a young woman sitting on suitcase.

She spoke to me about a need for more recreational travel in my life. I wasn't sure where I'd be going, but I did notice that her luggage consisted of old vintage style suitcases like the ones we had when I was a kid. Not the canvas bags on wheels I travel with now on planes. 

It crossed my mind that this woman might be waiting for a train. Lo and behold! In the summer I found myself on a train from the central coast to visit friends in San Francisco! My first train ride in many years. Although the upper left portion of the 4 collages was dedicated to Vacation Travel that I had already planned (Cabo San Lucas in December) with pictures of pools and tropical lushness, the summer train trip was unexpected and quite a surprise.

These serendipitous happenings show how we get previews of coming attractions by following our hearts and intuition. 

2014. It was a very good year, indeed. As this photo of a theater marquis announces in a photo on my studio wall: You are the writer, director and producer of your dreams. 
Looking forward to Visioning® 2015 and watching it unfold. 

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