Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Visioning® for Business

By Amanda Joy Wells, certified Creative Journal Expressive Arts facilitator and Visioning® coach. Amanda Joy facilitates creativity workshops for schools, churches and organizations and offers creative goal coaching and public workshops at her new creative studio space, Sublime Signs Creative Studio, in downtown Norman, Oklahoma.

(business collage)

I began my creative journey with Lucia in the spring of 2007. At the time I was a perpetually single starving artist who believed that I had to earn ANYTHING I received, which made receiving gifts from the universe quite difficult. Upon entering the Creative Journal Expressive Arts program, Lucia 'warned' me to prepare for big changes. About 6 months into my training, I created a collage - after doing a great deal of inner work - on my ideal partnership...I met my husband within 2 weeks! Now, over 4 years later, I have a wall of collages that mirrors the abundant life that has unfolded for me and my husband.

(collage segments of studio {with husband}, Inner
Business Woman, Union of logic & Intuition)

This latest collage was created just before graduating from the Visioning® training program during the 4 day Intensive in August 2011. Much of it's focus centered around bringing out my Inner Business Woman, balancing logic and intuition, and designing my dream studio/public workshop venue. When I returned home, opportunities in all three areas opened up, although my husband had to nudge me a bit on the studio. It seemed too big of a dream to accomplish quite yet....I was doing just fine focusing on the other two things. Business plans, program proposals and custom workshop descriptions kept my newly hired Inner Business Woman pretty busy, especially when managing those tasks with logic AND intuition. I gave myself until January to get my head matched up with my heart's desire of having this studio. It's funny how things work out...we actually tried acquiring a studio earlier than my inner time frame, but with no success. At the end of December, a studio opened up in the heart of downtown Norman (think 'cool' small town Main street) over a record store. This space - with 7 studios - was filled with creativity and collaboration...we knew this was it.

Now, 2 1/2 months later, my coaching career (and creativity) is beginning to hit a new level, my Inner Business Woman has a firm footing and I have the powerful tools of logic and intuition working together as a team.

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