Friday, April 24, 2009

Windows on the Future: Samantha's Visioning® Story

I Love to Vision!

I made my first Visioning® Board at an all-day workshop with Lucia in Cambria, California about 8 years ago. Wow, my life has changed so much since then. It's so beautiful, the process of creating your life with intention, love and art. My life has truly been a series of miraculously aligned events, opportunities, mentors, and friends. I know its from honoring my desires and boldly asking for what I truly want.

The tools I have learned from Lucia I share with my own clients now in my Spiritual Health Coaching work. From non-dominant hand journaling to cutting out the things you love and creating artistic visual aids to keep us connected to our goals.

These photos are of my latest board. I call it a Vision Window.

Its quite large, from a huge cardboard box that ended up in an arch. I love it so much. It lives in my bedroom where I can see it from the bed everyday.
I talk to it, do yoga with it and look at it with love and gratitude.

Thanks, Lucia!
Samantha Huston

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Thank you, Samantha. It's been a joy to watch you over the years as you created the life and career of your dreams.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Visioning® in the Community

Putting it All Together: Team building for Community Organizations

In recent months, I've had the opportunity to speak to many organizations in my community (San Luis Obispo County, California) about the wonders of Visioning®. Among these groups have been: Cambria Unity Church, Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce and Rotary, Central Coast Women's Network anniversary conference (business women supporting each other's success), and Templeton Women in Business luncheon.

Each group responded creatively with ideas for applying Visioning® in their organizations. As a result I've been invited to conduct workshops for groups such as the Natural History Museum in Morro Bay (Board of Directors and staff) and Templeton Community Services (Parks and Recreation summer camp staff). You can see from the diversity of groups listed above that Visioning® can literally go anywhere.

Dr. Marsha Nelson, my business partner and field supervisor of our Visioning® Coach Certification Training has done Visioning® in schools in south Texas (Mc Allen area). In the same area, our certified Visioning® Coach, Elva Villarreal, is doing Visioning® with teen moms in classes for the Pharr/San Juan/Alamo School district. This region, on the border of Mexico, has many high risk youth and is one of the poorest urban areas in the U.S. Visioning® has been received by these young people with great enthusiasm. They are seeing a future they never imagined before. They are dreaming it and doing it!

See the whole process in action at: