Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Visioning Choices

Dorothy Segovia is a certified Visioning® Coach, writer and singer/songwriter/performer.


This collage was created during the final week of my Visioning® Coach certification in 2008. The theme was how was my vision work going to manifest in the world. As I was working on the collage, I distinctly had an intuition to start a magazine. A magazine??? The idea took hold for less than a minute when I suddenly got a headache. Just then Lucia, who was facilitating our collage workshop, said, “Remember, if you get headaches, stomaches, while working on your collage that means your critic is afoot.”

It's been four years and a book I'd been writing evolved first into a magazine, but then expanded into a series. The first book in the series about a car accident entitled “My Body, My Car,” is being finalized. Each book combines my experience with the Creative Journal and Visioning® processes with a music CD.

My favorite aspect of collage work is seeing the manifestation – even if it is many years later. I was pet-sitting for friends last month when the image in the bottom-left corner came true. My friends have a gorgeous red-haired, teenage daughter. The room I was sleeping in had a a round holder with scissors standing up in each of the many sections. The lake in the background represents Atascadero Lake, which was the town I stayed before and after the house-sit. And one of the animals in the house was a dog similar to the one in the photo.Having these images manifest was hugely comforting. The manifestation showed me that I was still on track. It told me that I can't possibly miss my calling. Even if I am in wandering mode, yet again, I can wander and feel safe.

I need to tell you that the original collage frightened me. It was a 2-sided, pages-added-on, mass of choices. Some images of the men scared me at the time, yet that story unfolded in the form of a musical I wrote, which is the next project in the cue. Collaging has always taken on a life of it's own. I generally collage a feeling of what I want—expansiveness, safety, knowing I am blessed—rather than tangible goals. I think it may have to do with fear of making decisions. Maybe I'm afraid of asking for what I want.
Even if that is the case, Visioning works. I have created affirmation postcards, 81/2 by 11 collages and sparse, large-scale vision boards. I cannot imagine life without my vision boards. I'm excited to find out where my next collage manifestation finds me.