Monday, January 21, 2013

Visioning Step 1: Setting Your Intention

It is the 3rd week of January. Many of us are living with the resolutions that we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year. If they are working for you—congrats! You're headed in the right direction. However, if you are struggling, maybe it is time to turn that resolution into an intention.

Step 1- Making a wish or setting the intention.

There is a big difference between resolution and intention. Resolutions often come from our head—what we should be doing: lose weight, finish that project, start exercising. These are all worthy goals, but joy comes from flowing with the heart's intention. Suze Orman once said that she used to exercise regularly because she enjoyed it. But as soon as she made a New Year's resolution about exercising, she stopped. Esther Hicks, author of the Abraham law of attraction books, states that rather than setting a goal— which only locks in the feeling of lack—focusing on what we want and the feeling of having it, allows the dream to manifest. Discovering and allowing our dream is Visioning®

“...once you have heard your creative conscience, you must take action. How wonderful! And how terrifying. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, 'Be careful what you set your heart on, for it will surely be yours.' Having your dreams come true brings a new kind of freedom and fulfillment. It also brings new responsibilities. There will be surprises when you realize your true desires. From each risk you take, you become stronger and learn more about yourself. From every encounter with your creative conscience, you learn more abut who you could be. If you dare to dream and act on your dreams, you have everything to gain: your true creative self.”
--pages 59-61, Visioning: Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams.

Now that you know the difference between resolutions and intentions, ask yourself these questions from the pages referenced above:

1.Am I ready to look into my heart?

2.Am I ready to partner with my creative self?

3.Am I ready to listen to my creative conscience?

4.Am I ready to have my deepest dreams come true?


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