Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Three-panel Vision Solutions

While Visioning® a dream is an amazing process, collage also works when seeking solutions to daily stress. For instance, I work a full-time job, a part-time job and also care-take the ranch where I live. My life is completely opposite from my recent two-year stint as a pet-sitter. Needless to say, I've struggled to maintain balance.

I've endured shoulder, arm and hand difficulty as I've acclimated to computer work most of the week. I've learned to say “no” to many friend invitations in order to say “yes” to me. I've become bad at returning calls. While I know it is vital to create a schedule that includes  creative time, I'm struggling with time management.

Now that my body is used to my work life; thanks to my stand up desk and willingness to try a variety of keyboard, mouse, and chair combinations—my stress has taken the form of an eczema breakout. And it is no big surprise that it's happening on my shoulders and arms.

In order to accept and listen to my symptoms, my go to solution is the three-part collage. 

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Here's how it works.

Take a large rectangle paper (18 x 24 inch) and fold it into three equal sections. (Three pages of 8 1/2 x 11 works too.) Lay the paper on the table in front of you and number them as follows:

The left section is Number 1: where you are now.

The right section is Number 2: where you want to be.

The middle section is Number 3: the solution.

Take several minutes to breathe, grab a magazine and go. The key is to work quickly, only using a few images per section depending on the amount of time you have. The process is focus on one panel at a time in number order.

Rip out a few images that grab you, trim and glue (or tape) to the page. Then work the next panel. In between each section, take a few minutes to breathe and look at the images, but don't stop to journal.

For example: I just took a break to complete a collage on 18 x 24 inch paper in 40 minutes.

Regarding the eczema question, my surprise about section 1 is that I don't have a picture of skin anywhere. Instead I have the truth-telling phrase:

“I'm aging and panicking. Where can I find peace?”

Gulp. This really is where my head has been at: I've been feeling my age in all aspects of my life.

Panel 2 depicts a sleeping woman and the phrase OWN every Sunday.

Sunday is my one day off and basically, sleeping on Sunday is exactly where I have been for the past several months.

The middle section, representing the middle path between worrying about aging yet wanting to sleep my time away is an image of two horses standing in a field with the word Soulbringer across the photo.

So. Without picking up the pen I've already discovered two things: my stress has to do with growing older and that my sleep through Sunday solution is no longer working. I have an inkling about what the horse images are, but I want to spend time gaining clarity before I share!!!

NEXT MONTH: My favorite techniques for discovering the secrets of my vision board.

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Dorothy Segovia is a certified Visioning Coach, writer and musician who practices the art of collage in all of her creative projects. To find out more, visit her at