Sunday, March 9, 2014

Three Panel Vision Boards: Part Two

Last month we learned how about a new vision board technique of 3-panel collages.

Turns out my symptoms were telling me that I was worried about time and growing older. Where I wanted to be was to have downtime to sleep, sleep, sleep. The Solution image of the two horses symbolized embodied freedom. Non-dominant hand journaling with the images yielded these nuggets:

Left side, Panel 1: Where I am at:
Image of the woman carrying the pot.
I feel uncomfortable. I'd like to set this pot of stuff down and just deal with one thing at a time.”

Right side, Panel 2: Where I want to be.
Image of the woman lying down.
I feel talented. I can experience my dead past all day long, and have it direct me home where it continues to dominate in TV watching and extreme reading and overeating.

Middle, Panel 3: the Solution.
Phrase Soulbringer.
“Stand still with yourself and straddle the duality of being truly alive and present in this magical and temporary moment.”

I worked with the collage and insights for 2 weeks on my own before taking a Mat Work session with Lucia. In her handout for the certified coaching training classes Lucia describes the Mat Work technique.

“Mat work can be used in conjunction with Visioning®, because the method is based on structural constellations. Structural constellations involves making intuitive selections of mats and colors, choosing images from collages, identifying issues, places, people, things and also elements in dreams.

After selection the mats are placed in relation to each other in the area representing the Knowing Field, the basis of Bert Hellinger's work. This method states that we draw information not normally accessible to the left brain by using colored mats. When we place mats in the knowing field, then stand on them, the mats allow body wisdom to flow through us.”

A synopsis of my mat session with Lucia

Lucia had me select mats to represent:

Myself, the obstacle, the solution I wanted (not necessarily the solution on the collage), the bridge to the solution, resources, an image from the collage itself. I chose the larger horse from the middle panel.

I placed the mats in relation to each other in the knowing field. At Lucia's direction, I stepped onto the mat that represented myself. (I had placed the obstacle mat first, then covered it with the mat that represented me.) realized that when I was standing on the obstacle, my body was pulled down and it was all I could see. My head was dangling. My body was all crunched. I couldn't see my resources, and couldn't see the horse, which symbolized my outcome. I also couldn't see the bridge to the outcome.

I slowly moved through the mats at Lucia's suggestion, breathing and reporting to her how my body felt. At one point, Lucia began doing voice-dialogue with me as I stood on each of the different mats.

On the bridge mat, my body felt like crying and allowing myself to be sad. When Lucia interviewed me in this position, I said that I was sad that I was a finite human being with limitations. That the world isn't really magic. That I still had to do the work, which brings manifestation into reality.

When I was interviewed from the resources mat, I had an impatient, almost eye-rolling energy. I explained to Lucia that if “Dorothy” would just accept the obstacle she could move forward with her dreams. The obstacle itself had led her to her current 12-step support group, but now Dorothy was worried about needing a 12-step group. This energy was big, and kept waving it's arms repeating “enough with the drama about BEING in a 12-step program.”

Once I removed this obstacle, the mats re-aligned. I placed the resources mat below my Self mat. In front of me I placed the horse mat, who was pulling me to the Bridge that was next to my outcome. Now I felt as if I was being pulled naturally towards my goal, and could enjoy the ride instead of struggling and fighting for my dream.

It has been 2 weeks since my mat session. I continue to journal with the images as I am guided. At this writing, many of the images are pointing to insights that were brought up during my mat session.

As a Visioning® coach, the biggest mistake I've seen clients make is not taking the time to explore and understand their vision boards. They get bored, or become afraid of what an image may symbolize. They want to get to the dream without doing the work. If you find this happening, the added element of mat work allows complete embodiment of the images in a much deeper way.

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