Saturday, June 2, 2012

Visioning 101: Q & A

Visioning® is more than just gluing images and words to a poster board and hanging it up in a room. It is about identifying, committing to and taking responsibility for your heart's desire. This month, Lucia answers questions from the Visioning® graduates about the process.

Why don't all of the images on my collage manifest?
That is not the goal. The goal is to manifest the heart's desire. Some things may lose relevance as time goes by or manifest in different forms.

We know from the work of C.G. Jung, Joseph Campbell, and countless others that the unconscious mind, feelings, intuitions, wishes, and dreams speak most truthfully in the language of images and symbols. This is the domain of the right brain, which specializes in visual-spatial perception, metaphoric thinking, emotional expression, and intuitive knowing. It is the realm of dreams and the arts. By first approaching our deepest feelings and wishes through right-brain visual imagery in pictures, we gain direct access to the unvarnished truth of our heart's true desires. Then we verbalize our insights and our creative process. (Visioning: Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams, page 41.)

Focus Phrase Affirmation Card: I live my own safe and beautiful place.

Why do we need to put a Creative Self first?
We need to remember that our creative self (or divine spark) communicates with the creator through our soul. We receive our heart's desire from this divine source and that same source brings about the manifestation of our heart's desire. We become a channel for divine grace.
The creative symbol is very important. It puts us in touch with the spiritual dimensions of Visioning®. It reminds us that what we do and what we have are simply the means for arriving at a state of being, not doing. What we really seek is an inner experience, not an external acquisition. The creative self symbol keeps us focused on our soul needs. For if we get off the rack, we're likely to be headed for disappointment. We may get what we want, but feel empty when we finally possess it. That's because we were going for the thing, and not the experience. People who do this end up asking the question, “Is that all there is? I achieved my goals, but I'm still unhappy. I'm depressed all the time (or tired or sick or my relationships don't work.) What happened?” Contemplating the creative self logo at the center of your collage reconnects you with your own heart and with the source of all abundance and fulfillment. (Visioning: Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams, page 55.)

Will a collage still work without a focus phrase?
It might, but how do you know you reached your goal? It's important to have the courage to ask for what we want, in no uncertain terms. Many people are not bold enough to ask for their heart's desire because they don't think they deserve to get it. Cultivating a sense of deserving is part of Visioning® and needs to be honored. I use the metaphor of going to a restaurant and ordering what you want. If you don't ask, the server cannot fill your order. The universe works in the same way. After ordering, we don't go into the kitchen and fuss about how the chef is preparing the food. We trust that we will receive what we ordered. That's also part of the Visioning® process. Trust that if you can dream it, it will happen.

Focus Phrase Affirmation Card: It is safe to be me.

I can't seem to get a focus phrase I'd just like to go through the magazines and see where they lead me. Is this okay?

This can work. Another thing to do if you don't have a focus phrase is ask to be shown what your soul wants for you at this time. Or the focus phrase can be, “What is my heart's true desire at this time?" Then let the selection of images and words answer the question. It takes the left brain and old, stale beliefs out of it and allows possibility thinking.

Having your dreams come true brings a new kind of freedom and fulfillment. It also brings new responsibilities. There will be surprises when you realize your true desires. From each risk you take, you become stronger and learn more about yourself. From every encounter with your creative conscience, you learn more about who you could be. If you dare to dream and act on your dreams, you have everything to gain: your true creative self. (Visioning: Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams, page 61.)

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