Friday, November 28, 2014

Visioning Self-Appreciation

It's the day after Thanksgiving. Last night I spent time with my ranch family. While I no longer live at the ranch the most important part of that experience remains. I am now part of a family that includes Grace and her sons Brian and Scott. Because Scott showed up with 3 friends, my friend circle just got larger.

The thing I appreciate about letting go is that it opens the way to new experiences. I've spent the past few years playing with letting go and know it is safe. That doesn't mean it isn't hard, or that it doesn't take time or care, but it does mean that it is safe to proceed without ________.

This holiday, I'm appreciating that I have let go of my 2nd job at the ranch, automatic Mommy-izing in the face of authority, an Inner Critic who runs amok, and most recently, my denial of perfectionism. 

Perfectionism? Who knew?

It is easy to get caught up in the holiday rush and focus on what we do not have: time and other resources being at the top of the list. In fact, I  have often found myself making a vision board in a desperate attempt to have, have, have. But the more I focus on what I don't have, the more I don't have it. This can only lead to frustration and hopelessness.

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I have written many blog posts describing why Visioning(R) works. But the only point that I need remember is that Visioning(R) is FUN!!! Collage-making shifts the focus from the mind to the heart. Who hasn't talked a child into cleaning their room or eating their veggies by making it a game? 

This season, I appreciate my willingness to let go. The things that I have let go of are markers of how far I have come. They brought me to a great new home in Paso Robles and this lovely week-long pet sit in my old stomping grounds. Hey, I've let go of my fear of giant guinea pigs!

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What are you appreciating about yourself this season???

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