Sunday, April 15, 2012

Visioning a New Studio

This Visioning® story is from Ann Beazer of West Sussex, England.

Ann is a graduate of both the Creative Journal Expressive Arts certification training and the Visioning® coach training. Her dream was to have a studio at her home for conducting workshops and working with clients.


I must say that the manifestation of my dream has far outweighed my expectations and I am so delighted with the outcome! It's a beautiful space and everyone who has entered has commented on the sense of light and space and the peaceful atmosphere.


I am well aware that the fulfilment of any dream is an 'inside job' and I have had a very real opportunity to 'practice what I preach'.

The focus phase for my vision board in January 2009 was 'Workshops - 'less physical and practical effort' and was accompanied by the BELIEFS 'if only.... but I don't think that could ever happen, I can't see how, it's impossible.'

In August 2010

I made another vision board, this time the theme - 'A Purpose Built Studio'. What had changed? My BELIEFS had moved on to - 'Wow why not build one?

It's crazy but worth considering'.

At times I was very impatient (I envisaged an opening party picnic outdoors in June!) There were also times when I thought the way forward would be blocked (the planning authorities) and then frankly I wouldn't have to take responsibility for MY dream.

However the longer I waited for things to happen the more my BELIEFS were evolving. I found that I could not escape the hunch that this was the right thing to do though apparently crazy from a rational perspective. I really learned again that each vision has it's own rhythm and impulse.


Your dreams also have their own life and energy: they do need nurturing to stay alive. DON"T DESPAIR if your dream hasn't yet arrived, the timing is often not what we would ideally like. It's in waiting that our belief systems are aligned and clarity emerges. Do revisit your past dreams - I am sure that you will be encouraged and you may well be surprised to see what has evolved.


Ultimately the new studio is not primarily a building but a centre where people can meet each other, move on, liberate themselves from the status quo (if that's what they need to do), and create a new future. I count it an enormous privilege to have met so many beautiful caring, thoughtful, generous people who have dared to tap into their intuitive wisdom and create their own future. We so need to encourage each other to be who we are.


My Intention for the studio is summed up by the name ELEUTHERA, which is Greek for FREE.

Here is my declared intention:


A space where we are free to

Be ourselves

Slow down, muse, refresh

Appreciate our gifts and talents.

A space where we are free to

Live and think creatively

Share our enthusiasms

Play and just have fun.

A space where we are free to

Listen to the inner whisper

Acknowledge suffering as life's teacher and

Feed our souls with truth.

A space where we are free to

Welcome new hopes and visions

Make new beginnings

Discover choices often hidden from view.

A space where we are free to

Practice gratitude

Take time for wonder and joy

Encourage one another on life's journey.

GOETHE has the final word

Whatever you can do

Or dream you can do

Begin it....

Boldness has Genius, Magic and Power in it,

Begin it Now

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