Friday, February 18, 2011

Living A Creative Prosperous Life

by Guest Blogger Dorothy Segovia

Dorothy is graduated from the Creative Journal Expressive Arts program in 2004 obtained her Visioning ® certification in 2007. She teaches workshops at the California Conservation Corp. Her public workshops focus on Voice Dialogue, dream work and movement. She is currently producing her musical Fire! and completing a music CD.
She can be contacted at (805) 259-5727 or

I was excited to attend Lucia’s October 2010 Visioning® workshop because it was time for a new vision. Typically, my focus phrases have to do with how I want to feel, more than a specific manifestation.

My focus phrase was I am Living A Creative, Prosperous Life of Love & Joy.

I spent time working with the collage journaling with the images and doing movement. Putting my body in the position of ‘being’ an image and allowing my self to move around the room reveals spaces where energy is blocked. Breathing into the movement or gently holding the position opens me to a new level of awareness. It’s a very subtle, yet valuable part of my collage work.

My favorite image is the Creative Self in the center of the collage. Asking the 4 basic creative journaling questions yielded the following insights:

“I am Download Dorothy. I am grateful to see you realizing that I live on the breath because the breath is in & out, out & in until death. You can’t lose me or use me up. Be happy.”

Because I’m used to a constant flow of new ideas, I tend to get bogged down. It’s easy for me to start things but sometimes hard for me to finish. I like the fact that in the above right of the collage are products of my creativity. This has helped me focus on what projects need to be completed.
The most surprising manifestation so far was the Money Covered Apple on the left. This manifested about a month after the workshop. I was helping a friend move and decided to be responsible for her electronics: a DVD player and laptop. When we got to her new place I asked her where she wanted me to put the items. She looked at the laptop and said she had upgraded to a new computer and did I want to keep it?

Of course I said yes. An Apple ibook with a program called Garage Band was just what I needed. Now I can do the preliminary recordings of the last song for my CD.

Creative journaling gave me the Apple instructions:

Reach out and pluck the fruit that is yours for the allowing.

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