Friday, January 30, 2009

Turning thoughts into things and experiences

Visioning® is magic. It is a process for turning thoughts and dreams into things and experiences. The photo collage tells the story of how I created my dream house. I did it without having to buy the land, hire an architect, draw up blueprints, find a contractor, and so on. The house already existed. All I had to do was picture it, find it, buy it and move in.

This collage is one of three panels (18 x 24 inches each) portraying the home of my dreams. Here I pictured living and dining rooms and a studio with gothic ceiling, and much more. I eventually found the house 5 months later, and have lived here for almost 16 years. Notice the photos of French doors with a view of tree tops (lower right and upper left). Then look even closer and see the skylight above the French doors in the upper left photo.

Now take a look at the real thing: my dining room. The only major difference between the door, windows and sky light in my real home are the natural wood trim (which I actually prefer to the all white ones in the collage).

If you visit my website,, you'll see the other rooms in my house: studio with gothic ceiling, living room adjacent to this dining room (with a picture window view of a pine forest), a master bath with a jacuzzi tub under windows. Every room in my home is just like the one in the collage. When I entered my house for the first time I knew this was it! I'd come home.

Visioning® takes the guess work out of the big decisions in life. When you look at your collage every day - many times a day - the dream becomes more and more real. I had walked through the rooms of my collage so often, had strolled along the nearby coastline pictured in there so many times, that the reality was more like a memory than something new. I didn't have to think twice when I told the realtor, "I'll buy it."

Wake up to your dream life! Do it now. Your fondest heart's desire is waiting for you to claim it. (

Don't take my word for it alone, visit the website of Dorothy Segovia, a veteran of Visioning®: On her website, go to the Writings page and click on her blog.

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